about us

NEPTUNE EXCELLENCE believes that the only constant in anybody's life is change. Giving change the importance that it deserves, all the programs structured by Neptune Excellence are committed to bringing about a positive change in people, organisations and teams. The philosophy of change is not restricted to a corporate environment but extends to educational institutes and domestic front where enhancement of parenting skills and creating a positive mindset for teachers to bring about a positive changed environment. The founder of Neptune Excellence, Mr Sanjay Shesh, has written a book called CHANGE SUSTAINED to show his commitments towards the philosophy of the company and the training programs which it offers. Neptune Excellence conducts all programs in English Language.

NEPTUNE EXCELLENCE has been formed to support all professional and non-professional individuals to bring about the best in their efficiency. NEPTUNE EXCELLENCE harbours a team of highly professional and diversified coaches who have decades of corporate experience and over thousands of hours of coaching experience. The diversified team can find innovative solutions for company and individuals to bring about excellence in performance and improve the bottom line and profits of the company.

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