Dhanya Menon

Trainer for NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), Parenting & Emotional Intelligence
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Certified Assessor & Debriefing coach for Harrison Assessment

Highly experienced HR professional having a background of industrial HR, corporate HR, Recruiment , learning and development expert. She has over 15 yrs of experiene in dealing with people at various management levels and is diversed to carry out training and coaching of fresh graduates to mid level management.


Sanjay Shesh

Brain based coach from Neuro Leadership Institute
Certified Assessor and Debriefing and Assessment for Harrison Assessment
NLP Practitioner
Certified High impact trainer from Dale Carnegie Training India

A passionate coach and facilitator. Has acquired and proven leadership skills during professional journey in marine industry. Starting career in 1981 as a marine engineer, evolved into a successful technical director, and later managing director, in marine industry. While sailing on various types and sizes of ships, solved many technical, operational, and administrative problems with out-of-the-box thinking. Has established three companies in India and two in Hong Kong, and was responsible for obtaining all the compliance, staffing, staff induction, and successfully putting the companies in operation. Recruited over 15000 professionals, established a training centre and trained huge number of potential marine leaders on various leadership and self-management competencies. The passion towards coaching led to professionally learn coaching and be recognized as a certified coach by the well-reputed and globally accepted ICF (International Coaching Federation). With over 100 coachees benefited from his charismatic coaching experience and the journey is still on. His vision is to connect the individual's potential with organization's vision and culture, and that has motivated him to go beyond marine business and support corporates to build capable leadership. Also deeply interested in theatre, and he has produced five festivals featuring over fifteen plays. Has creatively utilized his passion for theatre to innovate his coaching style and developed various team-building exercises.

Books Published (available on Amazon & Flipcart)
Let it Happen - Author Change Sustained - Lead Author and Co-author Parag Bhatt


Mary-Joe Emde

Program Director : Africa & Europe

Mary-Joe was the CEO of NeuroLeadership Group and has a passion for developing individuals in organisations. She has undergone extensive training as a coach and is Professional ICF certified coach. She was until recently the CEO of NeuroLeadership Group SA, a subsidiary of NeuroLeadership Group, an international leadership and coaching origination specialising in the Neuro Science of leadership and coaching. Personal development is a high priority for her and she has successfully completed a Postgraduate diploma in leadership development. Completed her Masters in Personal, Interpersonal and Professional leadership through the University of Johannesburg. She has a Executive Masters in Neuroleadership through The NeuroLeadership Institute. NeuroLeadership forms an integral part of her current masters dissertation, as she believes through following a neuroscience approach as a leader you empower those you wish to influence. Mary-Joe also headed up the local Neuroleadership chapter in South Africa and is actively involved in promoting brain-based approach to coaching. NeuroLeadership Group facilitates positive change through creating effective thinking patterns. We connect people! We bring hard science to human development.


Mary-Joe has a BA with Psychology III, Education III and has co-authored two books: Financial Advisors Development Series (Butterworths) and Compliance Manual for Financial Advisors – IISA

Here is a list of other qualifications :
  • Diploma in Financial Planning – CFP™,
  • Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning – UOVS
  • Association of Unit Trusts Level 1 and level 2 certificate
  • Qualified assessor, moderator and verifier registered with INSETA
  • Post graduate Diploma in Leadership management through UCT Business School
  • Certified Results Coach MCC (ICF accredited training)
  • MASTER OF PHILISOPHIAE in leadership (University of Johannesburg)
  • Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership – NeuroLeadership Institute


Parag Bhatt

ACC, ICF Certified Coach
Certified practitioner of NLP

Parag is an author, ICF certified coach, trained facilitator by Dale Carnegie, Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Instructional Designer, and Certified in interpreting multiple psychometric tests. Post his Masters in HRD, he has over 20 years of industry experience in the field of HR, Consulting, Coaching, Training, and Teaching. He has worked with reputed corporates in the Pharmaceutical, Retail, and Construction industries. He has facilitated various talent initiatives in PAN India, UAE, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. He has been associated as a mentor and faculty in the reputed institutes like IIM Ahmedabad - Mentoredge, IIT Mumbai- eCell, Gujarat Law Society - Management Vertical, Sikkim Manipal & NIS to name a few. To his credit, he has been Assessor in many Assessment & Development Centres, designed Performance & Potential Management Systems, Employee Engagement plans, Talent Pool activities, and many other Talent Management and Development initiatives for many organizations. So far, more than 6000 leaders, talents, and students have been trained, coached, mentored, and taught by him. His ability to identify learning needs and design suitable interventions got him the "Best Learning Strategy Award" in 2019.


Shikha Aggarwal

Director- Marketing
Life Coach - certified by International Coaching Federation ( ICF)
Yoga Coach - certified by Yoga Alliance

She is an accomplished Banker who has successfully navigated through different retail banking domains & Human Resources (HR) professional. Alongside being an HR Head for Hongkong base MNC in India, she is a dedicated yoga instructor driven by a passion for holistic well-being. She is also practicing ICF certified life coach.
Yoga has been an integral part of her life, serving as a source of balance and resilience. Whether leading classes, workshops, she creates an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals of all skill levels to explore and embrace Coaching’s transformative power.
She is an avid learner and believes that continuous learning is essential for personal and professional development.
As an ICF certified life coach, Shikha merges her HR acumen with coaching techniques to support individuals towards unlocking their full potential. Through personalized coaching sessions, she empowers clients to set and achieve meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness.
Her coaching approach is rooted in empathy, active listening, and the belief that everyone possesses the innate capacity to create positive change.

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