Terms And Conditions

Completing the course

Neptune Excellence Coach Training Program is very challenging. Most participants at some point are confronted, challenged or stretched in some way. This agreement is about committing to completing the course, no matter how challenging it seems at the time. It is your responsibility to contact the training team for any necessary support. I agree to complete the program no matter how challenging it may seem.

Agreeing to learn

Many of you are already highly trained in different areas of personal development, training, business and coaching. In order to make this course effective it is important that at times you put aside what you already know and allow yourself to learn. I agree to put aside my previous knowledge and participate fully in the learning process. Missing Classes There will be vital information at each session. Completion of the program is based on having completed all modules, either live or via a catch – up session. If you miss more than one module per Core Unit (with no catch – up calls), the trainer has the right to take you out of the training program. Please note that a full day of training covers an average of five modules and the tele – calls cover one module each. We do understand emergencies occur and we will cater for these‐ please inform us of any emergencies as early as possible. Exceptions to these conditions are at the discretion of the Lead Trainer. I agree to attend 100% of all sessions.

Catching – up sessions

Make – up classes and recording are not available; all modules are covered in your participant manual and we recommend working with your assigned partner for the week or other classmates for notes on missed modules before the next sessions. We do understand that emergencies occur and will work with you to accommodate these on an individual basis. Please be in contact with your training team to discuss. I agree to be responsible for making up any modules missed before the next session.

Being on time

We start every session exactly on time. If you are running late for any reason please contact the lead trainer or assistant trainer at least 30minutes prior to commencement. I agree to be on time for all training sessions.

Leaving a session

When you join a session the trainer will plan on you being there the whole time. If you are unable to be available for the entire session you need to let one of the trainers know before training commences for that session. I agree to not leave a session early without speaking to one of the trainers.

Staying on track

While we encourage you to ask lots of questions, due to time constraints we need to stay relevant to the subject at all times. This may mean that you do not always get a chance to speak on every topic covered. We ask that you respect the trainer’s decision in such a situation. I agree that the trainer has the right to keep the training on track.

Asking questions

To maintain the flow of the coaching conversation, we request that you only join in when invited to. I agree to put my hand up, or speak my name on a tele class, and wait to be called on before asking a question or making a statement.


We request that you bring any concerns or question you have about coaching, training, or anything to do with this course to the leader of the course. We recommend that you speak only with the person who can do something about your concern. I agree to speak to the training team about any concerns or questions about the training program.


Make sure you have permission from a person before coaching them. Unsolicited coaching can be very damaging to your relationship with people around you. This is relevant in the training room and everywhere else. I agree to ask permission before coaching anyone in or outside the course. In order to make the training valuable we may request permission to coach you as part of the group. This may be uncomfortable at times; however, we find this is an important part of training people. The trainer will always ask your permission again before offering any coaching and you have the right to say no. I understand that the trainer may ask to coach me in front of the group within this training.


Confidentiality is an integral aspect of being a coach, and once that is also central to creating a safe place on our training programs. All coaches and trainer must keep everything that happens within the program completely confidential. It is permissible to share your experience of training and insights. I agree to keep everything that happens in this program confidential.

Alcohol and Drugs

Please do not drink or take non – prescription drugs before or during any training session. We request that you are completely drug and alcohol‐ free whilst in all training sessions. I agree to be completely drug and alcohol free in all training sessions.

Additional Work

There will be additional work to do between every session. This will often include practicing things you have learned during the session. Doing this work fully is vital to your training being effective. Sometimes you will need to be very pro‐active to get your additional work complete when it involves partnered work. I agree to complete all the additional work between sessions. Cancellations and refund: Refund before entering the training: If accepted into the program, the initial deposit is a non ‐ refundable administrative fee. Refund once in training: If a participant chooses to withdraw from the training program, there will be no refund given. If a participant is asked to leave the training for violating policies and procedures agreed to in the training, no refund is given.

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